RJB Fitness and Nutrition Consulting, LLC

RJB Fitness and Nutrition Consulting LLC provides clients with a three-pronged approach to support an active lifestyle -- strong endurance coaching plans personalized to individual goals, strength and fitness foundations to provide balance while reducing risk of injury, and nutrition guidance to fuel the healthy lifestyle.

Opened in 2014, RJB Fit provides personalized all services, both for individuals and groups.  Presentations and  training plans are created specifically to meet client goals.  Nothing canned helps RJB Fit clients achieve with an "I Can" mentality.  

Founder and Head Coach

Rob Basydlo, MS, FCS, CSSN, ISSA, PFT, PC

Rob has a life long commitment to health and wellness.  Upon earning a Bachelor's Degree from Eastern Michigan in Family and Consumer Sciences, he embarked on a more than 25 year career as a Health and Wellness Educator.  He was instrumental in developing and updating a nutrition curriculum that continues to be used in several high schools in Michigan.  Recognizing knowledge is core, Rob followed up his BS with a Master's in Health, with an emphasis in Nutrition.  He earned national credentialing through ISSA as a Certified Sports Nutritionist. He continues to stay abreast of relevant health research by regularly participating in continuing education.  He believes that nutrition education, not magic powder or fad diets, leads to sustaining a healthy lifestyle and increasing the quality of life.  He has supported many clients with weight loss and maintenance and proper fueling for active lifestyles.  

Rob, a certified MITCA Track and Field coach for 24 years, has more than 500 hours of continuing education focusing on form, fitness, injury prevention, and maximizing performance.  His experience in working with more than 1,500 athletes provides him with the experience to assess individuals and to draw from best practices to modify and apply endurance training that helps to meet client goals.  

Rob not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk.  He regularly competes in endurance events, from the 5k to the Marathon.  He qualified for the Boston Marathon in his debut marathon run.  He also enjoys cycling and swimming, which supports his participation in triathlons.  He enjoys sharing his passion for health with his family.  His wife, Jill, regularly participates in local foot races and triathlons, his daughters are active is high school cross country, basketball, and track and field.  Even the family dog runs.  ​

Running Team Success

RJB Fitness and Nutrition Consulting LLC celebrates the healthy lifestyles and finish line celebrations of all of our clients! Here are some recent results.

Boston Qualifiers for 2018

Tendai T 3 x's

Mary A   6 x's

Dave G  6 x's

Rob B    4 x's

Teresa C first

Brandy R first

Dave B    first

Kelly V   2 x's 

Biggest PR: 

K:  70 minutes off of her marathon time.

Brandy: 50 minutes off of her marathon

Laura: 30 minutes of her marathon time

Tendai: 2 minutes per mile faster now

5k Pr's:

43 clients have run Pr's

10k Pr's

38 clients have run Pr's

Half marathon Pr's:

26 clients have run Pr's

Marathon Pr's:

31 clients have run Pr's


10 clients have run Pr's


Charlevoix Marathon

Congrats to Mike M. on completing his first marathon with a BQ (minus 6).  

Bayshore Marathon

2016 Congrats to Coach Rob on his Boston Qualifying (minus 13)  marathon run.  





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